Sunday, November 28, 2010

French country look

 this looks like a  really  big hamper  but it  can go at the end of the bed or under a window   it is sturdy  metal frame  it had a pale outside and was quite  ugly , it is a  blanket or  storage   chest .  I found it a couple of years ago  and  had it in the garage  for a while then in the  corner of the  spare bedroom  for  a long while .   I found the  super great  french inspired  chicken wallpaper  a year or so ago and had it stored in the garage  .   finally yesterday   I got  my craft  brain together to work on it . I am so happy with  it    below is  some  shutters  I salvaged for free and primed and painted them . I hope to get  a nice 1" x 2"  to  screw them together  on the back so they will be a headboard .  I know I have not had a
 headboard because I could not find one  I liked .
  I  have looked at many ideas  for  recycled headboards   and many are  lovely  . they just  were not me . I even looked at new ones.  nope none grabbed me .

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