Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looking for family roots

I looked through  a few web sites  you can use to  seek  the past . Of course  I know my immediate family , but as time has passed we have lost track of each other . my brother Leland Manda moved to Alaska ,  we went through  rough times and lost touch.  my brother Edwin Manda  was over seas  in the military  during Vietnam ,
I have talked to him some  years back and he is driving a truck . my brother Dennis Manda lives in  northern Illinois last I heard  we  we spoke some 20 years ago.  my brother Bill Manda  I hear lives in California ,  I have not seen him since his return from Vietnam  it was a stressful homecoming  that ended in him leaving in the night.
My brother Art Manda   goes by John   or so my sister told me , my sister Virginia Bigelow   and  most of her family lives in  Ocean Springs Mississippi.  she is the  one that  is keeping in touch with  us or at least trying to.  I commend her for that . our dad and mother are dead , as are all of our grandparents . I have recently  been in contact  with some cousins - my parents divorced and we had  tensions in the family because of the divorce so visits were few and far between and  it  was not a normal  family relationship .  A pitfall  of divorce.   but  in the era I grew up  it gave a feeling of being disconnected to  - family - neighborhood -  community - even the church - we were  the divorced family . as hard as it was before the divorce it was just as hard  in a different after.
so now I find I have an inherited  condition called alpha 1 antitrypsin  deficiency - and I wonder  where it came from and who else  has it  so I  am looking for family to ask them to get  tested  for the gene.
as I look back to see  my past family as  people  and connect with them too.  this is a picture of  John Fahey and his wife Katherine  Fahey (nee McFarrell) or at least that  was what my dad remembered when he gave me that picture .  they are  his mothers Parents   - John was from Waterloo IL and Kathleen came from Ireland as a girl of 16 to get married .  I found out that my dads 2 sisters are alive and hope to get more information from them  I last saw them at dads funeral over 22 years ago.
on my moms side ,  the family  is  just as distant  grandma  kept everyone up to date and was the glue that held us together passed away in 1982  and  with her went our connection.  I have had my cousin Nancy  nearby  in a neighboring town  and she is as disconnected as I  from family. we speak from time to time . she is a lovely person with a loving husband . I am happy for their closeness . her early life was a hard one  she deserves  some comfort now. as I touch base with a few  cousins I am hoping to  get family stories and some history .  my moms  dad  was Amos Kronk  born  around 1888 and her mom  Theresa Kronk (nee- Taylor )
 I really don't know anything past that  - I think my grampas moms name was Laura - so  anyone  with any thing to add please do so .

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