Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cases in ETSY today

I  have been  listing some items  in my etsy shop .
 this vintage child's picture  record is one
I am hoping to find loving caring homes for  my  sweet cases
the Emily Wilkins  illustrated books  are so wonderful
my daughter had  one of the dolls when she was little  and the nursery rhymes  illustrations  all time favorites ,  and  children's song books
make my heart race when I find good ones .  and  race when I find   ones that I can use  in my art - I  don't  cut up good books  I cut  damaged ones and smelly ones .     check them out in my etsy store  at
 I know it sounds silly  but I made them  with such  care - and  they bring a smile to my face every day


  1. Hey Pat, these are wonderful. did you use vintage childrens books? Looks like some of the illustrations from books when I was but a wee little girl. (I'm a child of the 1960s)

  2. yes they are from vintage books I get them from rummage sales. thanks so much