Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Gift of Spoons

I am making the spoons for a friend that has been so kind to me   -   we have never met in person  , she has been an  online buddy  -  and her plate is full   that's for sure,  she has  3 small  kids and Lupus - she posted a link to an interesting  theory on having lupus  it's called the spoon theory   - it's a way to kinda  explain what it is like   I still will  do some trim around the edges of the spoons   - and I will send them to her  - as a matter of fact  several of her friends  are going to send her spoons  to show her  that she is loved and appreciated  and  fun  - and  we are more than happy  to be there for her.  in whatever way we can.    I am  thankful for her  friendship and  the many messages we send back and forth  they make my day sometimes   I hope mine  help hers just a little .       .         

embellished    wooden shoes   and  a spray painted  head planter    
with it pink you don't notice the  cracked corner

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