Monday, June 28, 2010

a couple of new cases .

sweet little red riding hood - in a case that was  for ballet shoes - or doll clothes - 9" x9" x3"  it turned out  very cute . I have several copies of that book ,  I love the illustrations .
then a larger case with vintage pitchers and sheet music.

then  the fairy case I got the book at a thrift store  and  just love the many fairies to choose from , the ones I picked make this case sooooo sweet. it's small . like a makeup case .


  1. I just love your fairy case. I sure wish I could come across a Cecily Barker fairy book at the thrift store. I did find some of her fairy gift wrap paper at the dollar store and I covered some candy boxes, to put my earrings in.

  2. keep your eyes open for books at thrift stores and look for book fairs - usually a fund raiser for the hospital .