Friday, May 28, 2010

senior citizen rummage sale

this is  a place I have loved going to and donating to  since high school  it is The senior citizens rummage sale  on west C street  and 8th - kinda between 8th and 9th .
I always find bargains and treasures   there - the  seniors that  work  there are wonderful 
furniture  lamps suitcases clothes nicknack's 
 here are some pictures of just some of what they have in the warehouse  -

the days and hours are in the big picture of the sign   tuesday thursday friday - 8am - to 1 pm


  1. Looks like a fun place to rummage around , :)


  2. Wow that looks like a very large store. Bet you find good things there. The only places that are large around here are Salv. Army or Goodwill and they are expensive and full of rather boring things.

  3. this one is a gem , it has odd hours and is open only 3 days a week - so many people forget to go . the folks there are great. the dealers and shop owners go there. from time to time .