Tuesday, December 29, 2009

getting ready for the New Year.

my mantle closeup looks great , OK it looks great from a distance too.
Chyna my sons girlfriend made the candy wreath - she put a lot of time into it , I just love it. the seasons greetings apron is a favorite too
my friend Frank gave me a beautiful book - thanks Frank I love it.- and the stocking ornament is carved of wood so beautiful in person another fave !!!
I'm making plans for New Years Eve- and yesterday I went after Christmas bargain shopping - I was surprised that the sales were not a little better most things were 50% off before Xmas - and they still are .... I am thinking about a white tree I saw at walmart also I want to get a food processor other than that I'm good . and need to concentrate on my studio - it is one BIG mess - craft organization it my mantra now -

I made my husbands favorite for dinner -
leftover meatloaf cubed in spaghetti sauce over pasta . I made it one time when the only meat we had was meatloaf leftover and he wanted pasta - well he loves it so I always make extra meatloaf now for spaghetti later , I use canned chunky sauce. and doctor it up with garlic and onion (maybe green pepper). Bon Appetit.


  1. I like the bird cage accents. They go great with your bird cage tree. Do you have pet birds? I do and I really like your tree. Walmart had some really cute glass bird ornaments with real feathers. I almost bought some. They had a clip on the feet so they would sit upright on the branch.

  2. no birds at this time but we have had birds in the past. I have many birds I'll show pictures.