Saturday, December 5, 2009

cool trees

a flickr friend -Holiday Cyndi has allowed me to share her pictures of the Methuen Christmas tree festival - great trees cindi thanks for sharing .
her pictures -
check out her wonderful photos there are many trees in the festival - plus her fun collectables . enjoy... I love that the tree in the pic is made with plastic knives forke and spoons .


  1. Wow that is sure original. I haven't seen anything like that before. It would be rather expensive if they bought the utensils. But I guess it is worth it to make an artistic statement.

  2. That is one interesting tree. I think it could be fun to make something like that. Is it heavy?

  3. I don't know it was in a friends pictures she shared from a show in the east coast . maybe not plastic is not that heave it is most likely chicken wire - ights and the balls with the plastic-ware

    thanks for stopping in.