Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Mama Gustos Pizzeria
115 W St Louis St, Lebanon, IL
I painted their windows for Halloween and I will adjust them for fall right after Halloween - and I hope to paint them for Xmas too. The food is yummy good and the Pizza is Great . If you are any where nearby go have the best Pizza around, the salads are great too. you will be glad you did.

the windows are painted with tempera paint with a couple drops of clear dish soap in it to help when you clean it off - it cleans off with very hot water and elbow grease . but as you can see the effect look so good the 2 wreaths are 1 with lots of stiffed toys and Halloween goodies wired to a wreath form the 2nd is a cool witch a and tulle on a wreath form
and the Jack heads (from the nightmare before Xmas) was made from some Styrofoam balls and black sharpie marker. easy and cheap decorations for a spooktacular season...


  1. The windows look great. I bet that was rather fun to do.

  2. hi rochelle r - they are such nice people it's fun to go there and it was fun to paint the windows there .