Friday, June 5, 2009

fun thrift finds

it is so nice to be in yard sale time finally - estate sales are awesome too and the thrift stores are bulging with donations - and the consignment stores are just full of goodies. yes this is what I like about spring cool enough for comfortable shopping. Later in the summer it gets too hot for me to get out. tomorrow I want to check out a church rummage sale, they are good because they are inside. these are some paint by numbers - pictures I listed in my etsy shop and I also listed 3 different decoupaged heads . I just had to share this cute toy Singer sewing machine
I want to enjoy it for a while then I'll put in my shop later this year - I got a clothes steamer a tall one with a hose and a hanger pole for the garments - it works good - I gave it a try on a game board surface and it did great and steams the paper from the board back . I'm so happy because I can use cool game board pictures for my decoupage cases and I'm trying it on old album covers - it will bring a whole new look to my cases - there are some cool record covers for every style of music - and at my thrift store in town they are an affordable price - and this is another project I will be working on. my son and husband are working on mending and painting the fences and will re-stain the deck - maintaining a house takes work. I want them to build a pergola for my wisteria
which will be added to our existing deck. it will be so cool. we want to add a faucett to the back of the house we have one in our sunroom we will get a fitting and pipe to extend it out the side wall to the back of the house. it will make watering out outdoor plants so much easier. Rome wasn't built in a day and these things will take time but I have my wish list and am planning on following through. wish me luch with

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