Friday, April 24, 2009


spring is here at last . my wisteria is blooming I went out to smell the sweet fragrance of the blossoms and yuck
someone is burning - leaves trees or brush . so the only think you can smell is that burning smell. my neighbors burn most of the spring and fall and some through the summer . It's a bummer for us with breathing problems . I stopped one day and talked to a neighbor and told them how hard it was to breath with smoke in the air all the time so the next week they were out there burning again. go figure. I can't sit in my yard and enjoy the beautiful day. they have taken that from me. now my neighbors right next door on either side don't they are considerate - I told them if they need to burn we can pick a day and I will be away - we live on a large tree lined 1 acre lot - I offered to let them have a neighbor hood compost so they did not need to burn but they said no. go figure


  1. The wisteria is beautiful. It is illegal to burn in my county. It has been for many, many years. To bad you have to suffer others doing it. Did you get your dress form yet? I know they are really popular now. I sure wish I had a craft room, hope yours' is coming along well.

  2. I got my dress form today will post a pic.