Tuesday, April 7, 2009

relocating craft space.

I am so tired. we are in the middle of moving my art studio to a loft room in our upstairs area. my son and his friend have done the carting up and down ( bless their hearts) I have coordinated and packed for said move. now almost all is up there - I can go up and straighten things out. I need shelves - the shelf unit I had will stay down in my husbands home office. so I will need to get creative so I can be creative. wish me luck.


  1. i never thought this but living in a white room without any style has inspired me. when i have too much i get lost in it...

    all i have in my room is a vintage fold up desk, my computer white walls, record player on floor and my cat. lol work stuff in closet and clothes.

    its workin out so far lol

  2. I'm a real pack rat and as a recycle artist I gather things to use in my work.- perhaps more space will help me.

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