Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day - ok I'm early but what the heck

it's time to clean the garage and eliminate much of the wonderful things my husband calls clutter .
He has not said anything but I get so worried and upset about it and I need to streamline what I wan to do here . and I am thinking about giving up the booth at the antique mall. it is just a bit to much for me and the whole antique mall thing was what Rach and I did together . Rachel has moved to Chicago and is making her life there. a friend does flea market stuff and has offered to take the stuff and share the cash if what sells and some real good things can go to a local consignment store. I will have less things to worry about and can work on my art and crafts. and use the garage to store my wreaths and cases, until I'm ready to part with them. I'm not sure how long that will be - I have separation anxiety with my art. I know crazy huh. making it and loving not only what I make but the process of making it. I still will collect my books and vintage magazines.

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  1. what i do is give it away for Christmas if it doesnt sale and then just give away some stuff every time someone comes over lol

    i own pretty much nothing anymore. it feels nice.