Monday, March 23, 2009

Flea Market

in Belleville IL. on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of each month there is a big flea market. I went yesterday to my surprise I enjoyed it. I have not gone in years, the last time I went the venders were like vultures in a way. not so much this time . there was one selling records and prints of rock and roll posters, but perhaps I misunderstood him. It was inside and outside, rows of booths and tables of items some cheep or inexpensive and some expensive. I had a few things in mind and didn't buy much. but I found a booth of old books post cards and greeting cards - callenders - magazines - so many pictures and pamphlets - they had tens of thousands of pictures... it was wonderful, I stopped and talked a bit about them possibly scaning their lovely items and selling cd's . I don't know if they really took me seriously . I sure hope so it would preserve the lovely pictures and illistrations - and give many access to them. I will go back next month with my camera and get pictures. - my picture is a few decks of vintage cards and a sweet ceramic baby and some tyny picture frames.


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