Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cupcakes and thrift.

I'll need to swing by my fav store today to get some pictures it was closed yesterday for painting. but I have other thrift store loot I will share - the sweet flower holding girl. I love the Hummel like Mary and her little lamb. and the clown...cause I like em and the Communion statue, then there is the ship N shore house dress from the 1960's love it love the print. and the 1950's Becon robe... it is to thick and rich looking and feeling. I just love it. and of course the cupcakes are German Chocolate. and they are yummy.


  1. Yum, those cupcakes look good! I like the robe too it, looks nice and cozy. Somehow I never wear my robe, I guess that is because I work late at night.

  2. those are good cupcakes - of course I remember ever having a bad
    the robe I was saving for my husband but I'm still not sure .. I have a nice terry cloth robe I put on when I emerge from the shower I don't use a towel.. my robe is my towel. I have a small towel wrap for my hair. so I use my robe a lot. I have a silk robe (thrifted) that I like to wear in the mornings while I feed and take care of the pets morning needs. just start wearing it and you will get into the habit.

  3. oops I don't remember ever having a bad cupcake.