Wednesday, February 25, 2009

big goof

hi so I went to one of my fav thrift stores yesterday and got a bag full of goodies for only $20 - I had other errands to run and when I got home I was excited to pull out my goodies to look at em, and only some of the stuff was there I must have another bag at the store still. she is a great gal and will save it for me but what a let down I did get some wood pant hangars and vintage gift wrap. a bronze baby shoe ... I'll go now and post more later........
so it's later and my bag was there waiting for me. with it's thrift store
a pretty brightly colored vintage tablecloth.
a sweet old (like when I was a kid ) pin the tail on the donkey game . complete with tails. it's awesome.. some perfectly fine hair cutting scissors.
and an Irish doll that obviously was at the fat tuesday parade .... hmm no beads. there are some books and other stuff I post more tomorrow.


  1. Some thrift store employees are so nice aren't they. Once I bought a set of 12 little stuffed strawberry shortcake dolls but when I got home I only had 11. I went back to the store over a month later and she had saved the doll for me. I was really shocked. I like the shamrock dressed doll. I remember girls collecting that type of doll when I was young.

  2. Jazzs Junque Inc she is cool that's why I think you 2 should meet.

  3. why cool Rochelle - I went back the next day - I like those little dolls I have some green felt to make her a top. I'm glad your connected again.