Friday, January 9, 2009

Books books and more books.

I got some new books too. the one on Marilyn was 1/2 off the special price ..and it has velum pockets with copies of certificates from birth and weddings and school and tickets lots of stuff .. it's so cool and a bargain, ya gotta love it. the snowflakes book has really cool patterns for cutting unique paper snowflakes.

I found these cute tiny books at one of the downtown thrift stores I go to sometimes. they are from the late 1960's and the 1970's as you can tell by the hair styles and the tiny craft book. I started out the other day around noon and the sidewalks were so slick with a sheet of ice I fell on my butt. so I just got back in my car and went on with my errands .. and all the other places had salted the walk ways and there was no problem getting in and out.. Shame on you downtown ... they wonder why not many people shop there .. that's one of the reasons . keep the side walks so people can walk on them..
I just love these tiny books called purse books the instant kitchen tricks book came free with Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages, it has some good tips like melt your rock hard brown sugar in a double boiler and add a bit of vanilla and then you have delicious syrup -- or to use lifesavers candies to hold candles on a birthday cake . I like that idea. I have been lazy in my cleaning and organizing of my craft studio it's clean.. it's the organizing that has me in a pickle. I need to purge myself of some of my stuff - there lies the problem. I want to keep every thing are almost everything. I have suitcases filled with christmas goodies for wreaths and there is my books and magazines and other things fabric and beads -toys - figurines - decoupage cases and of course my wreaths. records so many lovely things . I have many in the garage and the attic . now in the midst of winter.. I need to wait for warmer weather to reorganize the garage and attic... ummmm it's a vicious circle - but that's my New Years resolution. so wish me luck.


  1. lol boy are you going to be busy :)

  2. I always keep busy
    even asleep I dream
    of making art and get ideas