Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wig Heads

am working on a couple of projects the Pinocchio picture is for a bucket and the sweet bunny for a wreath and the decoupage head . I just wanted to do it. I have another I want to decoupage too. I am on the lookout for more I really like the look I'm getting . I am also looking for that just right piece of furniture to decoupage. we'll see . my favorite rummage sale is only open tuesdays thursdays and fridays 8am til 1pm It has warmed up some which is nice. I just can't take the bitter cold. I don't know how people up north of me can stand it. My neighbor Amy is moving at the end of the month for a couple of years they (Rob her and their 2 boys) are transferred to DC . I haven't seen much in the cold weather but saw them quite a bit in nice weather , Rob an avid grill . and the boys Britain quite helpful to me with yard work . and Landon funny with a great smile. I will miss them all. (sniff) especially Amy. my art buddy