Tuesday, December 9, 2008

wreath how-to pictorial

Sharon from The Keybunch requested me for a tutorial on
making my lovely wreaths, and here it is. fun ornament wreath pictorial all year long
as I go to yard and rummage sales
and thrift stores gather goodies to use in my
crafts. shiny things always catch my eye. from
glass and wood even plastic wonderful vintage
or not so vintage ornaments - little toys- garland -bead or tinsel cards books are all grabbed up at a bargain for future use in crafting. I have boxes and cases of goodies. I also love to use the sturdy straw wreath forms so anytime I see them at like sales I grab them too.
Today I start with a straw wreath form and add my hanging wire nice strong gage wire to hold all the goodies. I poke it through and twist together and bend the ends inside. I like to use thick paper as sheet music or wrapping paper or even fabric to cover the form with to give it a surface to glue ornaments to and it looks good even from the back ...like in a window. I hot glue the paper all over the surface. Then as I start the glass ornaments I always place the first 4 in the 2 -4-8 -10-o'clock spots on the wreath form it helps me center and gives me 4 points to work out from. I add 1 or 2 at each corner ball. looking to have a pleasing color combo and shape. all along I dig through my stash to find what will go with the starting colors. I usually have an idea of what it will be -- Santa's or Angels or elves- reindeer- toys -interest vintage ornaments. I fill around the sides and find a center of interest. and like putting together a jigsaw puzzle- I step back often to get a good look - are the colors good the shape the items cohesive I try things and move them around swap out before I glue them down. when I get the look I want I glue and glue and glue and then I pull the strands of glue off from the fronts of the ornaments and trinkets. after
clean up I hang it and look at it and walk
around and do other things like
cook dinner - feed the pets - watch TV and come back from time to time to see if I'm still pleased with it. Some times I add things tinsel or beads or glitter. I have been lucky to buy glue and a glue gun at a thrift store but I also buy new when I need it, The same with wreath forms I can still find the straw wreaths at Michaels crafts, but I love to get them at a bargain.. I like to give them as gifts . although I have sold them . I also like to donate wreaths I make to local charities for auctions and silent auctions . they do well better than the bit of money I might donate. each one has it's own personality it is fun to have the many pieces come together to a wreath I'm proud to give or hang in my house ..is where most are...lol


  1. Wow you make it look so easy but its pure talent. :) cant wait to see more!

  2. This is fantastic! I'd like to see a flickr group for people trying this!

  3. You did a great job on the tutorial. When I got my wreath out after seeing this I realized I need to put a lot more decorations on my wreath. Maybe I can pick up a bag of them at Goodwill.

  4. I want to make one of these too Pat. I couldn't tell. Did you hot glue the ornaments on do you put them on picks? You do a wonderful job with your wreaths!

  5. yes Betty hot glue and lots of it, careful hanging it .. if it falls there is a lot of breakage. and it's for indoors.