Monday, December 15, 2008

I went to the local goodwill store Sunday and all Christmas stuff was 1/2 off and I found many goodies for future wreath and holiday decorating. sweet ballerinas fun bottle brush trees. stockings to hang by the chimney with care. another elf to add to my collection.. I made more cake mix cookies yesterday too. lemon and carrot cake with raisins.. drizzled with icing . I'll be making some more cookies later today. yes the holidays are in full swing here. I asked my son for a list of a few friends to get cookies for Christmas and the Mister has his list ready. I still want to make a few wreaths and the tree is still empty . The cat graycee still checks it for something to bat around .. it is cold here 15 degrees and we had some flurries over night the streets are icy in spots so I'm staying in today. I think I'll make some hot chocolate.


  1. One day I hope to bake as much as you for Christmas time...I just barely cook at all these days.

  2. I do it because it's the giving of my time and caring ...that's why I make gifts I can hand money or buy something at a store . but what I do is so much more. life is short I want to make things even my time count.