Monday, December 1, 2008

first snow

I bet the kids were excited to see the first snow, it puts thoughts of Christmas in the air. this is our back yard this morning. the mister was not thrilled by the way he had to clean snow off his car. it has put me in the spirit to put up the tree and dig out the John Denver Christmas cd...
I started out with the album and went to a tape now it's a cd soon it will be on my mp3 player I keep seeing them and think I should get one and have my favorite music whenever and where ever I want it. mmmm I guess that puts it on my Christmas list. I stopped by the goodwill the other day and found a lovely 16" bottle brush wreath in a sweet blue. I just love it. thing come and go fast there so I need to stop by often to see what new old goodies they get in. I also found some ornaments for some wreaths that always makes me happy . the rock n roll craft show was last weekend, I sold a couple of things. I like the responce and feedback from people I think every one should make art andd recycled art. so selling or not selling is not the thing sharing and prompting ideas and inspiration is the big thing. so I think it was quite a success. It's the 1st so I need to give the pups their heart-worm pills . we love em and want to keep them healthy.


  1. Those are pretty pictures, no snow in Garden Grove though. It is chilly my room that is! I agree about sharing and inspiring, so many people want to buy buy buy and then trash trash trash...i too have been a victim of the trend time to time.

  2. hopefully you will change and share the green ideas.