Saturday, August 23, 2008

I stopped by an estate sale today and they had lovely things at big prices I didn't mind . I got a real sense of the lady that owned these items lovely hand-painted dishes and sweet collectibles they were worth a lot really and beautiful quilts and embroidery hankies and towels and pillow cases in a modest but nice little house. I got a box full of decks of cards (43)and tally cards .. I don't know if it was her children or grandchildren there they were all very nice but I could just feel her spirit there. it was very nice. she was happy with them .. that they valued her things. I got the feeling that they will keep what didn't get sold . and they priced things very high. but that was ok I am happy with my box of goodies. and the
connection I felt with the lady they use to belong to
......I also got the ballet pictures at the goodwill they
were marked down , I had liked them before , and
I like them better now that they are mine.