Saturday, August 9, 2008

another great thrift score.

I got a box of dishes for $2. at a rummage sale I got it so cheep because the dishes were pretty dirty I had gone there to pick up a wood cabinet for my sons room and I got a nice all solid wood one.
in the box was this tea set and the other pieces with the roses on them I was pleased . the dishes have no chips and cleaned up nicely. this is just some of what was in the box. and a favorite find was a set of praying hands that came off the base . and a picture of Debbie Reynolds and as I emptied the bag they were in and looked up the hands were in this position. so I took the picture .they went from praying hands to grabby hands pretty quick.


  1. What a lovely set of dishes. The lamp is very cool. All the gals with shabby chic/cottage pink blogs would be very envious of your great deal.

  2. I know - but I have a small booth at an antique mall I buy things enjoy them and sell there. it's a win win - I get to buy things - my hubby sees that it gives an affordable hobby. and I don't accumulate a ton of stuff....just a half ton. teehee.

  3. I know ...I finally had to separate them. lol