Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the beatles case is on a 18"x20" vintage suitcase the pictures are from 16 - teen beat -tiger beat- rolling stone - and a beatles magazine the back side is an Abby road poster...

the doctor is in...suitcase is 16"x12" covered in illustrations from 1950's ladies magazines .

and the blue birds love music wreath is all recycled materials ..flowers sheet music the birds too.


  1. I love the Dr is in suitcase. Such great retro images. A local thrift store here has some collage suitcases on display so I asked the owner about them and she told be they are on consignment by a local artist. She showed me a photo book of the womans projects. She had small projects such as hard eye glass cases and even an old rotary phone collaged. I like your cases better. One of the ones in the shop was done with newsprint type paper from a free weekly advertizing flyer. I wonder why she would go to the trouble of all that work for such a lame choice of collage materials.

  2. I hope she does not get in trouble because recycling is important and so is art. and thanks for the compliment . I haven't forgot you I am almost organized enough. to get other stuff done...so I'll send you something in a few weeks...pat