Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I made another wreath with sheet music and used goodies I might change out the bow otherwise I like it.
and I found thrift store bargains for the kitchen and
the living room also some sweet books for my collection.


  1. The birds on the wreath are really cute. Are they ceramic? I have never seen the Dale Evans book before. I bet it is collectable

  2. yes they are ceramic and the bottom part was broke so even though its not perfect I could use them in a wreath.. like my books I collect cool old books and magazines but I only cut and use damaged ones in my cases.
    I grabbed up that book as soon as I saw Dale Evens name it's so sweet . I was a fan of the Roy Rodgers and Dale Evens show when I was a kid - they adopted many children and had a large family I remember thinking- what wonderful parents they must be.