Friday, April 25, 2008

yesterday my wisteria was starting to bloom it's blooming better...we are getting rain storms tonight..I hope the blossoms make it through the bad weather.. I found a few more scarves and had to show this lovely western print on this vintage scarf feels like silk. in the background is Amy's house....Hi Amy..I turned in my artist trading cards for the swap..I did my thrift shopping today and found some Martha wrapping paper at Michaels crafts for $1.00 a roll you get 2 big sheets great for wrapping or for crafting the prints are cool then I went to the card factory outlet and found 2 sided wrapping paper 40 sq. yds. for $1.00 each also and the patterns are great ...they are all on rolls I will cut them in a sharing size and show you pictures
when I do.


  1. The wisteria is lovely. I have heard that you have to have it growing for quite a few years before it blooms. Have you had it a long time?

  2. about 4 years and it has bloomed for 3 years, it also blooms a few blooms during the summer and early fall. I got a good size plant at Home Depot or Walmart for about $40.00. I need to build a pergola. it needs to be trimmed back every year, and you can get cuttings but it takes time. you wrap the vine in moss or paper towels
    and root hormone powder, keep it moist for a few weeks then cut it and plant it I have also planted the vine kinda looping it in a good size pot pack it with potting soil and feed it good for a few weeks just don't ever let the roots get exposed to the air so keep them wrapped and plant the wrapped part. it will die down and come back to those new plants will take a couple of years to bloom.. but they grow fast once established..