Wednesday, March 5, 2008

home at last.

I have been home full time for a week but it's funny I am still looking for stuff. The smoke services people (bless their hearts) took every thing down cleaned it and put it back -er - someplace, so I hunt for most things. Plus I cant find my cable for my camera to link my computer so no pictures until I find or replace it. that's ok that way I will have many pictures.. I love being home, and I sleep like a baby in my bed. the pups are happy right now they are enjoying the warm sun spot on the living room floor. simple pleasures. we got snow yesterday but it's warming up today but last night it was a winter wonderland. Rachel(my daughter is here helping me) I love having her here. she has been my rock..thanks Rach ! and thanks Amy my neighbor for featuring my artwork in her blog. we will be swapping ideas. and colaborating on a couple of projects. looking forward to it Amy.


  1. My neighbor is grumpy and not very nice....can I borrow you sometime?
    I'll trade with Amy and she can deal with MY witch!

    *LOVE* your stuff... I love all of those vintage images...where do you find them all?

  2. reminds me of the wizard of Oz - "are you a good witch or a bad witch ?"
    I go to thrift shops and rummage sales and book sales(church or hospital)and on ebay.