Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a valentine kiss to all....and some new tags I made and my little paper shoes ..a group on flickr they have a link to 2 shoe patterns to make little paper shoes. they were fun since my crafts here are limited till I get back home- I did ok because I have glitter.
the show was interesting lots of people..
a video with some peeps in charge of the show promoting themselves and various pictures of the show--- I met several people that were very interesting there were some felted purses there that were soooooo beautiful I wish now that I grabbed the information -so I could look up the artist, and there are no pictures in the craft mofia photos. I met a nice couple that were taking there own pictures and put them on their flickr.. . bless them they posted my work .and contacted me through flickr -thanks guys. I spoke to some shop owners that were interested in my artwork so I was pumped . then the cool thing happened I was going through reading blogs -something I love to do...and while looking at a designer blog I haven't read in a while I found my work featured on Nov.10...I am so excited... check it out ........I was in shock -- .I am just speachless. and blushing and proud.


  1. Those little "ruby slippers" are the cutest things I have seen in a long time. I also love the baby duck tags in a previous post. Hope the repairs on your home are proceeding on schedule.

    the link here has pictures of the shoes and a link to print a template to make them and little saddle shoes
    thanks rochelle r.