Thursday, June 21, 2007

my backyard

some pictures of our back yard the deck with table and chairs and bar and bar stools, to the right the wisteria on a trellis and to the left the pin oak the fence and the fire pit and little windmill, it's a beautiful backyard along the fence is a lilac bush my forsythia isn't doing so well by the fence corner a small tree is doing good despite the mole and vole holes. I have seen a coyote 2 times once just down the block and another time on a neighboring street and last night when I had the dogs out back to go potty I heard the bark and howls of the coyotes. It surprised me and I hurried the pups in, the yips sounded to close about a block away - to the north about a block away there is a large field surrounded by trees, my guess is they live there. I will always go with my pets and I still love the deck in the evening Maisy loves to chase fireflies, she is so cute and Scooter just meanders along tail a-wagging looking that just right spot. I have some day lilies to plant and some hastas to move. but thats the beauty gardening is an on going project.

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