Wednesday, June 13, 2007

it's almost time

It's almost time to start on your holiday decorating plans crafters get going on hand made items. One year I made Xmas stockings out of jeans and used the pocket on the front they looked great. one year we used gallon jars saved from work and filled with little individually wrapped gifts -most samples size with a swatch of Xmas fabric on the lid tied with ribbon poofed with a couple cotton balls, everyone had fun opening each little gift- a tiny perfume-a pair of holiday earrings- lip gloss, another year, candle holders from slices of birch (the neighbor cut down)with sprigs of greenery and a sprig of berries and candles, and over the years ornaments, wreaths, this year I want to make some more ornament wreaths with lots of little, vintage details (see pic.)I have been gathering and saving ornaments decorations figurines pictures, so I can make several they are fun to put together the real work is the fore mentioned shopping, thrift stores and yard sales, estate sales.I like painting windows too and the snowmen families.

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