Saturday, April 14, 2007

I heart this one

this also is made from more than one sweater I loved the buttons and added other heart shaped buttons and the jewelry pieces and charms just belonged. Some of the holiday sweaters are made so well and I'm in love with them and I buy them, I just don't wear them. what makes these wreaths look so nice in person is that I cover the wreath base with quilt batting and I sew the sweater around the batting and it has such a nice feel and eye appeal, and I vary on the wreath base some are foam or straw or grapevine or wire, and I look for them at yard sales and thrift stores with the amount of wreaths I make I need to budget, I still have almost all of them , they are like my babies, I donate to local charities for fundraisers from time to time, and I have sold a few, I laugh at myself as I look around my kitchen/diningroom I have a dozen wreaths as I type, and many more in my craft room and of course they spill into the garage, I need to take more pictures.

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