Thursday, April 12, 2007

another sweater

this was a dress from the 80s and when I saw it I knew it was going to be a wreath I'm in dire need to adjust my design room,(and clean and organize it too) to accommodate the inventory I have acquired -I have bags of sweaters, fabric, batting items for every holiday to embellish my wreaths, and things I collect, and things that I love to have around me, I also like other crafts, making cards, gift tags, purses, gift bags, I love new fabric but equally I love to recycle clothing items- I love memory quilts, I have a magazine collection, and a collection of folders with pictures from bygone magazines, and children's books and wedding items ,It's funny my living room is rather minimal. I get inspired reading craft blogs and I heart ETSY .


  1. I love your wreaths! Ooooooooooo! I want one made of pics of Rachie!

  2. I love the cork wreath. I had been saving every champagne cork since I met my husband and had just recently, in a fit if cleaning fury, thrown them out. Now I just feel stupid. Why aren't you my mother? Or my sister? Or my favorite aunt or something?

  3. I asked around at a couple of local restaurants to save some over time, and when we went on a cruise I greased a few palms and got 100s of corks. I enjoy a glass of wine from time to time.